Super Awesome!

2009-04-14 02:08:40 by Maverick32183

New Sketched is up on the front page so if you haven't checked it out yet please do so.

Sketched - Happy Birthday!

The next sketched episode if you haven't heard yet is written by SirJeffofShort and I but we do not star in it. We have some very talented voice actors from this site hooking up with us for some nonstop comedy packed action! We have General Ivan (Winner of last month's Voice Acting Contest) FatKidWitAJetPack (The voice behind the new smash hit Robot Dinosaurs that Shoot Beams When They Roar), Appsro (The man behind Mad Mad Mario and other smash hits), and Va10r65 (The voice of GOD, if he were to give epic speeches.)

So be on the lookout for it in May! I've heard the rough cut of the audio and man is it coming out great!

I leave you with the most inspirational Rocky Montage I have ever laid eyes on! Watch it and bask in its glory! <br><br>

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2009-04-15 23:10:57

Dude! Thanxs so much for letting me do an epic for Sketched! Oh sneek peak line from my next epic. "... And may god guide our arrows into the hearts of the corrupt!" hope we can work togeather again in the future. -Va10r65

Maverick32183 responds:

You're welcome! Sounds great!


2009-04-15 23:40:46

Oh and my next epic is dedicated to you!

Maverick32183 responds:

I thank you again!


2009-04-26 20:58:42

SNIFF. You sir appeal my taste with your news post.

Maverick32183 responds:

I aim to please!