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Good stuff!

Good combo of melodic and brutal! keep em comin

Deathcalypse responds:

Thanks! \m/

Whatever program you are using.

never use it again! I get what your trying to do with the song but the instruments sound so bad it hurts. I would try and get yourself a better program and perhaps it would come out better.

Guitars sound fine.

You gotta do something about those drums haha. The kick drum was way off time in some parts. Keep it up!


I have no idea who this is. I'll play it for my friends and see if anyone can figure out what it is. Great job on the cover though. The guitars sound really great, as do the drums. I can tell you put A LOT of effort into this.

(haha this is my actual review I left the other one by mistake on my friends account at his house. oops)

SlaveLabor responds:

Haha, yea I got your PM. It's great to have one of my favorite guys on newgrounds to tell me I did good work. I hope we can do a collab soon. Thanks for the support.


This is terrible!

You voice is weak. You sing out of tune and i don't know why people love stuff just because it is video game related. if I farted into a microphone but after that said I love Playstation it would get the same response.


Great song! I would love to hear it with some vocals. The riffs are well thought out and the solos are great! Heavy shit! Keep it up! \m/

Pure Metal.

This song was pretty intense. I liked the effects on the vocals, made it sound more evil. The mix could use a bit of work cause the guitars and drums were really soft compared to the vocals. i couldn't even hear the bass drum. But i don't vote based on recording or mixing skills so i gave it a 5 anyways. \m/

BuryYourFace responds:

Yes sir recorded my vox on 3 seperate tracks just screm 2 with a deeper voice. the talking part took the longest ? :( trying to mock the same frequencies of talking with a deeper pitch.... A BIG pain in the ass. Thanks bro appreciate it. sorry about the mix. I was drunk off my ass.... and you know where you get to that point where everything sounds more fucking cool than it really is ?:P


Dude this was pretty kick ass. I didn't quite get the intro but when it kicked in all was forgotten. Good shit man keep it up! \m/

5'd and 10'd!

The melody is great!

The only problem is that your using a computer software to create the sound of distorted guitars and it's very difficult to do so and give it that real ballsy sound you want. The only suggestion would be to spend a bit of cash and get yourself a really high end guitar producing program. I would say the same about the drums too, i hear great things about EZ Drummer, i don't know I've never tried it but I've heard other songs that people have used it and it sounds pretty good. Of course you can never replace the actual sounds the live instruments will give you but hey not everyone can play guitar or drums. But keep experimenting and keep it metal!


Hahaha I was actualy singing this song today for some random reason and then i find this! Awesome. Great!

Black-Cloak-of-Night responds:

Thanks dude. Add vocals!

Bean prints on the wrench. But what was the wrench for?

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