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This is fantastic! The artwork is smooth and sensational! The comedy is great and the voice acting is superb! 5'd 10'd!

I laughed

I thought it was pretty funny. Nice to see you doing some solo work.

To the guy below me Binary Guy i wouldn't say porn is still that strong i work for a porn company as a graphic designer and let me tell you we are hurting just like the rest of the industries. It sucks....

Great stuff!

Awesome as always John! Can't wait for part 3!


Good stuff! Did you draw this?

Va10r65 responds:


This was great!

Classic. Everything you do is pure gold! Glad to have you working with us!

Jonnyethco responds:

I can't wait to see how the new Sketched turns out. i had a lot of fun recording the dialog. :)


This was much funnier i think that the last one. Don't get me wrong the first was hysterical but This was just awesome! Great job. i hope we get to work together soon!

Once again good stuff.

This one was a bit more random but it was funny. I'm telling you one day you'll own this place! haha keep up the good work!

oldlyshapedchris responds:

:O own this place :P in my dreams. btw thanks man :D

haha nice

This was pretty damn funny. For someone your age you are much better at flash than most of the people who make stuff on here. Keep it up and one day you will be very good!

oldlyshapedchris responds:

Thanks you young sir :D..... omg!!! you does a voice in sketched!!!!!!!! holy shit. i love sketched!


Dude I like this. It's very smooth and very clever. I can't wait to see how you incorporate my song into your next flash!


There wasn't anything I haven't seen a thousand times before on this site. Some stick figure fighting to some techno song. I understand your new to flash so i won't attack our animation skills but I can say that your creativity in this is very low. There were no voices to give your character exactly that a voice. There was no solid story progression i could see. i had no idea what was happening at any given moment, except a guy running at some evil face and then there's a sword and some giant hand straight out of the legend of zelda. Why did the stick guy want to fight him? Why did the evil guy hate the stick guy? Why did big hands attack him? You see what i mean as a viewer of a story we don't understand what your thinking when it comes to your flash. We can't read your mind so you need to be able to convey your idea through words to let us know what it is we are supposed to be watching. Even if you don't have equipment to record voices you could at the very least in your description and user comments give us an idea of the plot and what we are watching. I had no emotional involvement at all with your character so i could care less if he lives or dies. Which when creating a short you need. You want people to care about your character and what happens to him. Please view this advise as constructive criticism and not as just a retaliation for your review of my music. i always like to review something that the user who reviewed my work has done. So in no way would my opinion of your work have changed even if i had been given a 10 by you, I tell it like i see it.

Bean prints on the wrench. But what was the wrench for?

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