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To all of the undiscovered voice talent out there, there is a new Voice acting contest being held in the forums for which Jeff(SirJeffofShort) and myself with be helping to judge along with FatKidWitAJetPak (The organizer of the contest.) DYLawryence and Tomamoto!

The contest will (in all hopes) be a monthly challenge, this month's challenge being to use this line at the end or beginning of a story that you make up.

"And that's why I don't have my homework"

For a great example you can check out the current #1 weekly audio submission made by FatKidWitAJetPak

The prize list is as of yet incomplete however there is talk of trying to get the top 3 winners mentioned in a front page post to promote them and, although it is not yet an official prize, I am offering a GUEST ROLE IN A "SKETCHED" CARTOON to the contest winner... Say whaaaaaaat? Haha, I know it might not be the greatest of prizes, but it's a start.

For a complete list of rules and everything visit the contest thread.


2009-02-10 12:51:26 by Maverick32183

We have finished the audio and I have seen the beginning art work of the newest "Sketched" short being animated by SirJeffofShort and it looks great! This one is really funny and i can't wait for it to be released in March!


2009-02-09 14:22:41 by Maverick32183

I post a song and the first vote from the public is of course a Zero so it has no chance of being heard by anyone who i wanted to be able to hear it! Thanks!

I'll be posting some Punk songs I have from my older band The Miles Fair. It's not straight punk we have some metal influences in a few songs including but not limited too metal death vocals by me and such but it's cool. Enjoy!

OMG! Punk? Say it isn't so!


2009-01-15 01:31:54 by Maverick32183

I posted so much metal it hurts! Check out the new tracks!!!


New Video! Christmas 2008!

2008-12-17 12:04:02 by Maverick32183

Hey everyone!
We have submitted our entry into the Newground's Christmas 2008 contest!
Check it out!



In the works

2008-11-10 14:04:23 by Maverick32183

Hear ye, Hear ye!!

Just to let everyone know that I have recorded a character for a new Sketched short scheduled to be our Christmas time Release. I won't tell you exactly what it's about but lets just say "This Christmas will belong to the elfs!"